Full Papers

  • Multiversioned Decoupled Access-Execute: the Key to Energy-Efficient Compilation of General-Purpose Programs
    Konstantinos Koukos, Per Ekemark, Georgios Zacharopoulos, Vasileios 
    Spiliopoulos, Stefanos Kaxiras and Alexandra Jimborean.
  • Relaxed Dependence Tracking for Parallel Runtime Support
    Minjia Zhang, Swarnendu Biswas and Michael Bond.
  • Reachability and error diagnosis in LR(1) parsers
    François Pottier.
  • Automatic Data Layout Generation and Kernel Mapping for CPU+GPU Architectures
    Deepak Majeti, Kuldeep Meel, Raj Barik and Vivek Sarkar. 
  • Sparse Representation of Implicit Flows with Applications to Side-Channel Detection
    Bruno Rodrigues, Fernando Pereira and Diego Aranha.
  • Restrictification of Function Arguments
    Victor Sperle Campos, Péricles Alves, Henrique Nazare and Fernando 
  • Performance Implications of Transient Loop-Carried Data Dependences in Automatically Parallelized Loops
    Niall Murphy, Timothy Jones, Robert Mullins and Simone Campanoni.
  • Improved MHP Analyses
    Aravind Sankar, Soham Chakraborty and V. Krishna Nandivada. 
  • Automatic Fault Location for Data Structures
    Vineet Singh, Rajiv Gupta and Iulian Neamtiu.
  • Mapping Deviation: A Technique to Adapt or to Guard Loop Transformation Intuitions for Legality
    Cédric Bastoul.
  • On Fast Large-Scale Program Analysis in Datalog
    Bernhard Scholz, Herbert Jordan, Pavle Subotic and Till Westmann.
  • Input Space Splitting for OpenCL
    Simon Moll, Johannes Doerfert and Sebastian Hack.
  • Verified Construction of Static Single Assignment Form
    Sebastian Buchwald, Denis Lohner and Sebastian Ullrich.
  • Static Detection of Energy Defect Patterns in Android Applications
    Haowei Wu, Shengqian Yang and Atanas Rountev.
  • Thread-Level Speculation with Kernel Support
    Clemens Hammacher, Kevin Streit, Andreas Zeller and Sebastian Hack.
  • Mechanizing Conventional SSA for a Verified Destruction with Coalescing
    Delphine Demange and Yon Fernandez de Retana.
  • Static Deadlock Detection for Concurrent Go by Global Session Graph Synthesis
    Nicholas Ng and Nobuko Yoshida.
  • Register Allocation and Promotion through Combined Instruction Scheduling and Loop Unrolling
    Lukasz Domagala, Duco van Amstel, Fabrice Rastello and P. Sadayappan.
  • Reducing Memory Buffering Overhead in Software Thread-Level Speculation
    Zhen Cao and Clark Verbrugge.
  • On Fusing Recursive Traversals of K-d Trees
    Samyam Rajbhandari, Jinsung Kim, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Louis-Noel Pouchet, Fabrice Rastello, Robert Harrison and P Sadayappan.
  • Heap Bounds Protection with Low Fat Pointers
    Gregory Duck and Roland Yap.
  • Kindergarten Cop: Dynamic Nursery Resizing for GHC
    Vladimir Janjic, Kevin Hammond, Henrique Ferreiro and Laura M. Castro.
  • Extended Lattice-Based Memory Allocation
    Alain Darte, Alexandre Isoard and Tomofumi Yuki.
  • Safe and Flexible Adaptation Via Alternate Data Structure Representations
    Amlan Kusum, Iulian Neamtiu and Rajiv Gupta.

Tool Papers and Demonstrations

  • GreenThumb: Superoptimizer Construction Framework
    Phitchaya Phothilimthana, Aditya Thakur, Rastislav Bodik and Dinakar Dhurjati.
  • Register Allocation and Instruction Scheduling in Unison
    Roberto Castañeda Lozano, Mats Carlsson, Gabriel Hjort Blindell and Christian Schulte.
  • Iguana: A Practical Data-dependent Parsing Framework
    Ali Afroozeh and Anastasia Izmaylova. 
  • SVF: Interprocedural Static Value-Flow Analysis in LLVM
    Yulei Sui and Jingling Xue.
  • SYCO: A Systematic Testing Tool for Concurrent Objects
    Elvira Albert, Miguel Gomez-Zamalloa and Miguel Isabel.